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ABOUT IMEx Consulting
Australia's only independent specialist potash consultancy

IMEx Consulting was established in Australia in 2009 as a dedicated industrial minerals exploration consultancy primarily focussed on potash.  IMEx’s experience in potash, soda ash (trona), vermiculite, lithium and talc exploration is unique in Australia.

IMEx Consulting is affiliated with the global IMEx Group which offers access to unparalleled global potash / industrial mineral experience and expertise.

IMEx is comprised of individuals who were a part of the highly successful US Borax Exploration Department and later the global Rio Tinto Industrial Minerals Region which was also credited with multiple discoveries.

Mark Arundell

Principal Geologist

Mark’s first exposure to Potash was in 2003 when he was commissioned by Rio Tinto Exploration to review the Potash potential of Australia.  This review was audited by a Canadian potash expert and targets selected for follow up.  Mark was “bitten” by the potash bug .

From 2006-2009, Mark was employed by Rio Tinto Exploration’s Industrial Minerals division (IMEx) as Principal Geologist responsible for potash, trona (soda ash) and talc exploration in Australia, SE Asia and India.  During this time Mark gained invaluable experience working with IMEx’s potash geologists and seismic consultants in the UK, USA and Canada.  He has also visited potash projects and mines in the USA and Canada.

Mark Arundell IMEx Consulting

Since 2009 Mark has been working as a Potash Consultant for various clients including Vale, Western Potash, Sirius Exploration and Elemental Minerals.  Projects have included evaluation of potash basins and projects in Canada, USA, South America, Australia, Asia and Africa. Mark is based in Australia.


Iain Scarr

Associate Geologist

Mr. Scarr has worked primarily in industrial minerals exploration and commercial development since 1979. During his career with Rio Tinto, he was responsible for multiple discoveries in North and South America and Africa, and worked on the commercial justification for the Jadar lithium-borate resource in Serbia. Following his 29 years with Rio Tinto, Mr. Scarr joined Lithium One Inc and was responsible for bringing the Sal de Vida lithium Brine project in Argentina through feasibility, by which time he became a part of the Galaxy Resources management team. During his time with these respected companies, Mr. Scarr interacted with professionals from multiple disciplines world-wide. It is with that global network that he brings the expertise needed to all stages in the development and commercialization of mineral deposits anywhere in the world to IMEx .

Iain Scarr Associate Geologist


Pabla Tognoli

Associate Geologist

Pabla is an Argentinean geologist who has more than 15 years experience in mineral exploration.

She started working in potash exploration in 2000 when Rio Tinto Exploration commenced exploration of the Neuquen Basin in Argentina which eventually led to the acquisition of the Potasio Rio Colorado Project.

From 2002 to 2008, she was Project Geologist for Rio Tinto Industrial Minerals Exploration Group (IMEx) focussing on Potash Exploration in South America, including Neuquen, Middle Amazonas, Tarija and Santa Lucia basins. She was part of the team responsible for the evaluation of advanced potash projects like Potasio Rio Colorado, Fazendihna and Arari. Working for IMEx she also conducted exploration programs for talc, trona and lithium-brines in South America.

She has proven experience in geochemistry interpretation, database managing and geographic information systems development.

When Pabla left Rio Tinto in 2009, she worked for Vale in potash exploration and since 2010 she has been working as an Exploration Consultant for various clients including Lithium 1, Barrick Gold Exploration and Allana Potash. She is based in Mendoza, Argentina.


David Guerrero

Mr. Guerrero has over 10 years experience in the mining industry providing a variety of integrated logistical solutions to overcome the challenges of remotely located mining operations. David currently services a number of exploration and development companies working in north-western Argentina. He is the Vice President of the Salta Mining Providers Chamber and works actively in numerous regional infrastructure mining commissions, developing and coordinating private and public sector initiatives. It is this extensive experience and network, along with a natural ability that Mr. Guerrero brings to his role in business development, marketing and as a logistics associate in IMEx.

David Guerrero

Enrique Sanz Rubio

Enrique has a PhD in Applied Mineralogy from the Complutense University of Madrid (1999). In his research career he was in the National Museum of Natural Sciences (CSIC) until 1999, he was part of the multidisciplinary research team of the Department of Geology led by Dr. Manuel Hoyos Gómez; the work was devoted to paleoclimatic interpretation of sedimentary records, study of evaporite facies, karst environments and conservation of natural historical heritage. From 2000 to 2001, he did postdoctoral work at the Center for Astrobiology (INTA-CSIC) where he worked on paleoclimatology and the recognition of meteorite impact features on sedimentary record.

He has worked since 1998 as a consultant on evaporites exploration for U.S. Borax Inc (RIO TINTO) and from 2003 to the beginning of 2008 he was Project Geologist for RIO TINTO industrial minerals exploration in much of the Iberian Tertiary basins, as well as in Morocco, Italy, China, Russia, Ethiopia, etc. In February 2008, he started GEOMNIA.

Enrique Sanz Rubio